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White Noise Machine - 24 Sounds | Stress reduction

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Experience serene sleep and relaxation with our White Noise Machine. Designed to mask disruptive sounds and create a soothing environment, it's the perfect addition to your bedroom or office. With a variety of calming sounds and customizable settings, you'll enjoy peaceful nights and focused days. Elevate your well-being with our top-rated White Noise Machine.
  • SLEEP LIKE AN ANGEL - Let bedtime be the best time with this white noise sound machine. This sleep noise machine has 24 soothing sounds to choose from, including white noise, pink noise, brown noise, light to deep fan noise, ocean waves, rain, baby lullaby, rain, campfire, and other nature sounds - suitable electro noise machine for baby kids and Adults. Simply pick the desired sound to facilitate a restful night's sleep.
  • WHITE NOISE MACHINE with NIGHT LIGHT - It is the very first that baby reacts to light and sound to develop their visual auditory sense. This sound machine with baby lullaby and night light offers constant rhythm and a soft glow to help the baby stay asleep peacefully. For new moms, the bedtime noise machine emits enough brightness for night nursery without causing baby wakefulness, making a night noise machine for baby infants.
  • NOISE CANCELLING for OFFICE & HOME - This sleep aid noise machine lets the magic happen not only for babies but also for adults. Up to 95dB, Dreamegg D1 loud white noise machine tune out noise effectively for office privacy & noise canceling. Turn it on, tune the noise out, a respite from office workers, noisy snorers, hotel rooms, or sound-sensitive dogs. Thoughtful compact design looks well as a desk/bedside white noise machine.

Customer Reviews

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Gemma Hart
Best sound machine

This is an incredible sound machine. We have had two others and this by far is the best quality.Slique circle design fits any space, Black case means no light when it’s dark, so many sounds to choice from, travel friendly and amazing volume selection.So so happy with this and will recommend to all my mama friends

Martin Ogden
This is an amazing machine!

Who would have known that this little guy would pack such a punch! We were having an issue with being able to sleep since we took our air conditioners out to prepare for winter. We realized how much we were missing that “fan noise”. We purchased this noise machine based on the reviews and price. We were certainly not disappointed! It has numerous sounds to choose from..nature sounds, white noise and fan noise options. We found the one that almost mimicked our air conditioners and we’ve been sleeping great! It has great volume control and I love the long cord for the usb plug so we can sit it on our dresser and keep it plugged in. Also I love how small it is so we can take it with us while traveling! 10/10 in my book!

Great price point for what you get

I bought two sound machines at the same time to help with my baby’s sleep. I am now just moving this one back and forth because I like it so much. The noise goes as loud as I would need it and it helps her sleep. It’s portable and the light you can turn on or off. It’s a plug in so if you wanted a battery one then you may want to go with a different sound machine but for what we needed this is perfect. Also the price was lower than the sound machine we ended up not using because it wasn’t loud enough. We are overall satisfied with the product.

Perfect size.

I have always slept with some sort of white noise. I've had the same machine since I was a little girl. That being said, I realize technology may have enhanced a few things so I was in the market for a smaller machine. Something smaller would afford me the ability to easily take it when I travel, but also, my previous machine took up my entire nightstand....kinda a waste of space. This machine has many different sounds that it offers so if you were adventurous, I'm sure you could find something totally new to sleep to. I stayed with the white noise (if it's works, why change it). What I found interesting was that there were various ranges to white noise and there was also brown and pink noise? Who knew! The night light is a nice addition, although I don't use it. I could see it being perfect for young kids though! Great product, I highly recommend.

Perfect Sound Machine

We love this machine so much we bought a second one for our own room, after using it in our toddler's room for the past year. It works so well, the sound level can go really loud (which we love because we live on a busy street), and the nightlight is the perfect level of light for a toddler. I love the color (the black matches our bedroom so well, it's so sleek), and I also love the size - it's perfect for travel too.Overall, I'd highly suggest this machine. We used a different one before this that had two settings, loud or medium, and it wasn't nearly enough. This has different sounds, different levels, and the light, all in one. Can't beat that for this price.