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White Noise Machine - 16 Sounds | Calming Sound Device

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Escape the noise and stress of daily life with our White Noise Machine. Its calming sounds and portable design make it ideal for any situation, from travel to home use. Discover the power of sound therapy with our top-rated White Noise Machine.
  • White Noise Machine for Sleeping Baby: Our baby sound machines for sleeping come with the Fetal Heartbeat Sound, to mimic the sound of a mother's womb to help newborn babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Whether nap time or nighttime, this sound machine helps lull your baby to sleep. A sleeping baby means more sleep for the whole family!
  • Sound Machine with Night Light: Our sleep sound machine can provide you with colorful night nursing by its unique seven colors night light. It is proved that baby falls asleep easily under warm light and lullaby.
  • 16 High Fidelity Soothing Sounds: Imagine a journey across the forest in the summer night, besides chirps of insects and birds, you can also hear the waves sound from the distant ocean, the flowing water from the valley and the sudden rain...... Equipped with 6 white noise, 4 lullabies, and 6 nature sounds, the White noise machine is effective in masking the disruptive or startling sound to guard your sleep quality.
  • Timer & Memory Function: The sound machine for sleeping can be played continuously or 15,30,60,90,120 min auto-off timer. Set a timer on the sound machine to make efficient use. What's more, the white noise machine remembers the lasting setting of light, sound, volume, so you don't bother to push buttons all the time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christine House
Very nice baby light.

This is a great little ambient light for a babies room. The lighting is dimmable, and several colors to chose from.The noise machine has several sounds to pick from, I have found it hard to turn off the sounds, "I end up working my way around pushing each button and finally it stops. There is a timer that I really don't like! It announces in a very loud but gentle ladies voice "timer is set for 10 minutes", each time you push that button she announces added on time. So the baby startles when the voice is accidentally pushed on.I haven't found a volume control. My fault, all the packaging went into recycle before I had a chance to read up on the machine.All in all we do use the sound machine and love the soft lighting every night.

Pamela Gray
Love these!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We bought 2 for our children's rooms and they love them! We love the amazing sound choices and variety, the color options, and perfectly sized for travel.

Leah P
Great ticket to dreamland...

Great for restless kids... my seven year old has a tough time falling asleep but I never considered trying a noise machine till the other day! Ordered this and my son fell right to sleep using it for the first time last night. He says he slept very well!

Overall a good value

Good little sound machine. Don’t love that a voice announces the timer setting. A small light and labels would have been much preferred but I don’t usually use that feature anyway.It took a little playing with to get used to the controls, but overall it works well. I use it as a secondary sound machine and night light at my parents house for my baby.

Love it--one little drawback though

Bought this for our 3 year old's room. The lights are great. The sound is great and there are many options to listen to. The only drawback, which doesn't impact how awesome it is, is the buttons are like a touchscreen and they do not light up in the dark. So it's very easy to hit the wrong button or not find the button you need. I'm referring mostly to volume--but once we learn the buttons it shouldn't be a problem. It's a great sound machine and I am seriously considering getting one for myself!