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8" Smart Frame with Touchscreen - Black | Modern Digital Memories Display

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Experience the future of digital memories with our Smart Frame with Touchscreen. Showcase your photos and videos in stunning clarity with the interactive touchscreen display. Effortlessly scroll through your favorite moments and even add captions. Bring your memories to life like never before.
  • Instantly send photos from phone to frames in seconds with the free Photoshare App
  • Multiple photos may be sent to up to 10 Photoshare Frames at once
  • Photos can be sent directly to the Photoshare frame via email, from PC or via link with Facebook
  • Photos can be sent from google photos or other photo apps, making it fast, easy and fun to find and share your favorite pictures with friends and family
  • High definition touchscreen display

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Derik Fritsch
A must to keep the family connected and safe from nut jobs learning to much about your kids on fb

I just love this product. I purchased it for my 75 year old mother who doesn’t have a cell phone, no desire to own a tablet and only has Wifi for her grand children. She hates not being connected to them so I bought this frame and created an network with all the grand kids. This frame has brought more happiness to her than her lap cat, Mr. Wiggles. Not only can she she daily updates of what her grand kids are doing, she can see a picture of what button to push on the microwave to reset the clock to day light savings time! (And if that doesn’t work, even a Video!- How cool it that.This frame is a must buy for anyone who wants to share 5ere life without the fear of someone nut case using fb to learning to much about you and your kids.The only issue I had was there was no instructions on how to put the stand together or replace the inside picture mat. Though it was silly simple, for some reason I couldn’t figure it out until my 9 year old showed me how. (Answer: The stands two pieces slide together to form a bracket the Frame can lean on much like a dinner plate holder. To remove or change the mat, remove the 4 foam bumpers on the back and loosen the screws.)In conclusion, this frame is a must buy and the seems to just keeping better as they continue to update the firmware and APP. Best purchase for me and my family this year.

Samantha Gorny
Great digital frame, very easy to add pics!

Just received this frame and we’re obsessed with it. Simple straightforward set up. Up and running in minutes.Our old digital frame had a fine life until it finally fizzled out but we rarely added pictures to it. Same old photos going by. This frame is SO much easier and convenient to load pictures on. The App makes it easy for you or anyone you invite to put pics right on your frame. No need to look at the same old pictures.The frame itself is solid and not ‘cheap’ looking. Looks great on the shelf. Pictures can easily be edited on the frame once they’re on there if they need to be (rotation for example) and the frame does a good job of ‘filling’ the space on the left and right of any vertical pictures with subtle colors from the picture so they don’t look lost in a sea of black like on our old frame. Picture is bright and clear.Very happy with this purchase. Good gift for just about anyone, too.

Chris S
Bought it for my Mom and now she can see her Grandkids in real time

My siblings and I bought this for our Mom for Christmas and it is SUCH a hit! We all downloaded the app and set it up before we gave it to her so all she had to do was plug it in and join her wifi at home. Now we send her photos of what we and her grandkids are up to whenever we want it and it automatically uploads and populates them on her frame! We set the frame to only randomize through the most current 200 photos so its always updating with the latest shares. She loves that the photos are always changing (we put them on a minute timer) so whenever she passes through the room its new or even brand new! This is social media I can get behind. A great way to stay connected with family or friends! We even showed her how to share her Frame ID with other friends and family so now they are sharing photos with her frame as well. A wonderful and easy gift, we love it!

Wendy Wawrzyniak
Can't stop looking at it !

We have had this for ten days now and can't stop looking at it (the pictures we've uploaded to the frame). It has become a new fun activity of ours to find and send more and more pictures to the frame, which is so easy thanks to the app. Plus, we've become aware that there are so many more pictures on our laptops that aren't on the frame yet, but we don't have to worry about figuring out how to get them onto the unit since it has the capabilities to add pictures via email. There's SO much storage on it too that there's no way we would have to worry about which pictures to add and which to leave out. Having the date and time display is a bonus!

Very happy with this purchase

I got this for my mom for Xmas. I waited a week to write this review and let me tell you, I’m so glad I got this one out of the 5 different photo frames I was looking at. I’m so happy with it that I’m actually going to buy one for my husband for Father’s Day for his office and another one for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.I’m not be try tech savvy but I got this up by myself in under 10 minutes. I figured it after downloading the app. It walked me thru it all. At first I was sad that it o my uploaded 50 photos but that’s just how many you can upload at a time. My daughter is 2.4 years old and I have probably uploaded 3,000 photos and videos so far. Very easy to use. The only problem I had was the stand. I didn’t know the 2 stand clicks together to make one. Lol. It didn’t say anywhere how to do that. I had to ask here. And whoever answered, thank you.