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White Noise Machine - 30 Sounds | Calming Sound Machine

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Experience serene sleep and relaxation with our White Noise Machine. Designed to mask disruptive sounds and create a soothing environment, it's the perfect addition to your bedroom or office. With a variety of calming sounds and customizable settings, you'll enjoy peaceful nights and focused days. Elevate your well-being with our top-rated White Noise Machine.
  • 30 Soothing Soundtracks: Our white noise machine provides 30 soundtracks, including 8 white noises, 8 fan noises, 10 natural sounds, and 4 lullaby music tracks. There are also 4 equalizer modes available to help you customize your sound.
  • Comforting Ambient Lights: Choose from 6 different ambient lights and a default night-light, you can also adjust the brightness to make your light suitable for any environment. Easily switch on and off your light by tapping on our metal grill. Our night-light will not disturb your baby's sleep.
  • Intuitive Touch Controls: Our touch-sensitive and back-lit buttons offer intuitive controls when using your device. You can easily skip soundtracks, turn up/down the volume, set a timer, and more.
  • Effectively Covers Out Noise: Our Sleep Sound Machine plays soothing sounds, that effectively blocks out background noise, allow you to sleep tight, and get complete focus even in noisy environments.
  • Compact and Portable: With the lightweight and compact design, our sleep sound machine easily fits into your backpack or suitcase, making it perfect for getting good sleep quality during business trips and stress relief in the office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rebecca A.
Awesome Sound Machine

We love this sound machine! It has a great variety, and a good number, of ambient sounds. It came with a guide to explain all of the buttons and list which sounds are available. The sounds sound exactly like what they’re listed as. The nightlight feature is popular with my children. Its fun that it has different colors to choose from. The sounds and light helped my son to fall back to sleep after he had a nightmare - faster than he normally is able to fall back to sleep. The product itself feels like a good quality, nice finish, good weight, etc. It even had nice packaging! We’re very happy with this item. A great buy!

Great product

Dozens of sounds to choose from & you can select the color of the light. Works great!

David Harris
Takes the place of a fan

This does it’s job well. I have always slept with a fan on but my wife had started to complain about feeling congested from the fan blowing all night. I ordered this noise machine and it takes the place of the fan and allows for me to sleep without the air blowing on us. There are quite a few different settings to be able to find the right sound to help me fall asleep. It also has a nightlight feature that allows for me to change the color of the light. You can’t go wrong with this little noise maker.


I just moved in with some roommates, so I got this to block out their noise. We get up at different times and go to bed at different times, so this helps them to not disturb me. I literally can't hear them at all! (It even blocks out the neighbor's yippy dogs quite a bit) I have tried the different sounds, but like the fan the best. I don't usually have a hard time sleeping, so it really is mostly just to prevent me from being able to hear other people in the house. For that purpose, it is a dream!

30+ soundtracks and soft glowing LED colors

This sound machine came packaged securely in a nicely printed box. It’s a compact design with 30 soundtracks, including 8 white noises, 8 fan noises, 10 natural sounds, and 4 lullaby music tracks. There are also 4 equalizer modes available to help you customize your sound. This is the first sound machine I’ve had with equalizer modes and it’s a nice feature to tweak the tone to your liking. The ambient light is a perfect amount of glow at night, as you can change the brightness by holding the LED button. You can turn on/off the yellow nightlight by simply tapping the grill. If you want to change the color, just press the button on the right. This sound machine can even cycle through all the colors automatically which is really cool! This has helped me sleep much better since I started using it.