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Smart Watch - Blue | Smart Fitness Watch for Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

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Introducing the Ultimate Smart Fitness Watch. Take control of your health and fitness journey with this sleek and feature-packed wearable. With real-time activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and a built-in GPS, you'll have all the tools you need to crush your fitness goals. Stay connected with smart notifications and enjoy a stylish design that suits any occasion.
  • Fitness Watches for Men Women- If you live an active lifestyle and want to refine your training or you are a newbie and want to get active, or if you want an accurate waterproof tracker that adds a ton of smartwatch features and has great battery (7-10 days), this is the one for you!
  • IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker- Yamay 020 is ip68 water-resistant, you can wear it when swimming.
  • Accurate Activity Tracker- Automatically track your all-day steps, calories,24/7 heart rate, sleep stages; Use 14 exercise modes like Run or bicycle to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance. These special sport modes give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities
  • Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Phone- Compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones to get call, text, calendar, and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. The watch is slim with a lightweight, anodized aluminum watch body and soft breathable band, very comfortable when wearing

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Terrific fitness tracker

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It's no less than apple watch. I ordered this one for my father as he is a heart patient, I thought that having this kind of watch has become necessity now for his safety. I am amazed by the features it offers, I have ordered quite a few of fitness tracker for gifting purposes to my near and dear ones. But no other watch stand in-front of this one. It has full music control, call and text notification options through various apps like whatsapp,wechat, facebook n all. It monitors heartbeat time to time. I especially liked one feature that is exercise mode- if you are on treadmill then u can switch on this mode to track the exercises u r doing. I am still exploring this watch but would say its definitely worth the price.

Rumi Ved
Awesome Fitness Tracker !!!

I have been using this watch for a couple of days, and I have to say that I am more than happy with this. If you are looking for a budget smartwatch this is the one.Build quality is very good, even though this watch is not carrying a heavy price tag it looks premium. The plastic used for the dial is of good quality and very sturdy. The belt is quite comfortable, I am also using this watch for my sleep tracking from last couple days and it is very comfortable.Initial setup is very easy, just download the app and turn on Bluetooth on your phone, then the app takes care of the rest of the setup. The mobile app is very user-friendly and easy to use.Battery life is more than enough (6-7 days), it took me less than an hour to fully charge this watch.It had a wider screen compared with other fitness trackers, also you can adjust screen brightness. I tried this watch on a sunny day and I can easily see the screen display. Touch for screen works seamlessly.It tracks heart rate, quality sleep time, alarm and 14 different modes of operation. It gets connected to the Bluetooth devices very easily ( I tried it with my Samsung Galaxy S8 and it works smoothly). The pedometer displays the calories burnt, steps walked distance pace and the time I covered during my workout which is all the information I ever wanted from a tracker. can be easily connected to the phone to view the GPS positioning.Overall I am very happy with this purchase and planning to buy one more.

Needed a clock for work, this helped many!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I made a video review if you want to check out the basics of the watch before you buy it.I bought this was with the mindset of getting what I primarily needed. A watch, not necessarily the fitness part but this watch got more of my attention just because of the nice features and aesthetics versus the other watches I checked out. I was yelled at work because I pulled out my phone to check the time, so now this should be more accepting lol.I've tried this product since I got it about 7 hours ago and it's really going well with it set up on the SMS notifications, messenger notifs, and do like the alert about someone calling when my phone is on silent.I was reading other reviews and everyone said the watch disconnects constantly, however, I haven't experienced it just yet, but who knows. I'll update my review if it does happen. If you have a cheap android without Bluetooth 3.0, then yes you will most definitely experience this since it states in the MANUAL.I hope this was helpful before you make your purchase!!

Looks great, long lasting battery, great functionality and attractive price tag!

Well considered me impressed! I never thought id be getting this much time out of one charge but it certainly does! I havent taken my watch off unless it is dry it a bit after showers then goes right back on and on day 10 feels like id give me another day or two!What i like about it: been using on low to mid setting and it is bright enough even for sunny days! Im always running late cause i lose track of time when i shower now i get to time myself so i dont over do it, all the while i can play/pause skip or fastrack music playing through my phone! (Make sure u dont keep it under running really hot water tho). Has easy setting for do not disturbe making it easier to wear at night so you can track your sleep which is a function i really needed. I had a samsung gear s2 watch and unforunately if i wore it to bed id have to throw in the charger it after waking up which made it pointless to do so. Main watch face is clear and easy to read. Steps and heart seem accurate when i compare to using the functions on my phone just make sure to enter the right settings in it's proprietary app. The app is pretty comprehensive with detailed insights and you can create a log in so you can preserve your data. The red band looks great and has a couple of "teeth" in the inner band stopper that keeps it from the band coming undone easily and with a lot of holes to find the right fit for you.What needs improvement: watch faces should be customizable, left button should be remapped to more functions feels almost pointless tho great quick access to sports mode. If you need a watch you can reply without using your phone this one only has notification from major apps on your phone not every notification. While you can wear the watch then pair with the app on your phone it was not meant to be a stand along watch at all.So if you are looking for a fitness band with basic and then some smart watch functionality this is a hard to beat item for the price. Looks great, long lasting battery, great functionality and attractive price tag!!

Daniel Weber
Basic smart watch, minimal functions, no problems.

The good: sleek look. Minimal functions means minimal learning curve. 1.3" (45mm) face, metal shell. Durable buttons. Durable bands. Waterproof - (the manual suggests it's not salt water proof, and I haven't tested that yet). I shower with it on and have had no problems yet. Long battery life: to clarify: the watch will remain on for 11 days with all-day use, but in those last 48 hours or so, the battery will be too weak to support any function other than the clock. It only takes 3 or 4 hours to charge the watch. Functions: heart rate monitor, stopwatch, timer, sport modes: you tell the watch when you're beginning exercise (walk, run, bike, or swim) and it times you and calculates your workout. When not in sport mode, the watch will still track your steps and calories, but it doesn't know if you're exercising or not. There are 2 buttons on either side of the watch. You can customize one to be a shortcut to one of thew sport modes. Heart rate monitor: the best way to use this function is to put the watch on the inside of your wrist where your pulse is strongest. Even in that position, the heart rate function Isn't incredibly accurate. In the app, you can set your resting and target heart rates which will improve its accuracy. Sleep tracker: the watch detects when you're in deep sleep and light sleep, but the data is stored in the app on your phone - meaning you won't see any info on your watch. Texts and calls: the watch can let you read incoming texts (not MMS, photos, or emojis), and also see incoming calls, and will allow you to decline a call to stop the phone from ringing. But you can't reply to texts nor answer the phone using your watch. In the app on your phone, you can turn on/off the ability to get texts and see incoming calls on your watch.Phone locater: There's a menu on the watch that allows you to turn on/off functions: heart monitor, Do Not Disturb (DND), Rotate Sensor (on means that the watch will wake up when you rotate your wrist; off means it'll remain asleep until you push a button), and Find My Phone. In the app on your phone, you can turn on/off the Find My Phone option. If you have it on and you select it on your watch, your phone will ring - even if in DND or on vibrate or silent!Music player: there are no speakers on the watch, so the music player function is simply a remote control for your phone. In the app, you can designate which music app you want the watch to control. The charging cable is a USB charger, which is nice. The side that connects to the watch is easy to use and the watch snaps into place nicely. The app has a lot of useful functions to help suit the watch to your needs. There's even a woman's menstrual cycle tracker - if you enable it from the app.The downside: not customizable. You can't add apps to the watch and you can't rearrange the icons or submenus. Screen protectors are hard to find and because of the curved edges of the screen, the most suitable ones won't cover the entire surface of the watch. I think my next smart watch will be a round face one bc those screen protecters are easier to find, and I don't think the round watches have a beveled/rounded edge. The charging cord is only about 12" from end-to-end. The watch is slow to wake up when you turn your wrist to see what time it is. Screen brightness: you can only choose from 3 levels of brightness.No "always on" display. There's no way to keep the watch from going to sleep - even if you're using the timer or stopwatch function.