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2000Pa Robot Vacuum with Alexa

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  • Effective Cleaning: 10% faster movement, intelligent navigation, and a Z-shape route clean your floors quickly and efficiently.
  • 2000Pa Robot Vacuum works with Alexa. Accomplish your vacuuming needs with zero effort from you. 
  • Thorough cleaning: An 11% increase in suction to 2000Pa and automatic Carpet Boost provides the power you need to pull dust and hairs lodged in carpets.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: A 100% battery boost to 5200mAh means enough energy to clean up to 2152sqft
  • Large Dustbin: A 640ml dustbin stores more debris, meaning it can be emptied less often.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
João Sousa Pinto
Best value/money cleaning robot as of May 2020; why buy top of the line? this one does it all!

After doing some research online, I ended up choosing this model (Roborock E4). I mostly looked into Roborock and Roomba robots, and this one was by far the best bang for buck (as of May 2020; paid approximately $260, since there was some promotion due to this being a recent launch). Have been using it for a few days now, and am super happy with it. The navigation capacity works really well, even though the sensor suite isn't as powerful as compared to some of the more expensive models. Even when I leave it cleaning a separate floor (in which case it obviously cannot find the dock), it does a great job returning to the initial position. I'm super happy with this purchase. Congrats to the manufacturer for creating such an awesome product. Cleaning carpets no more!! :)

Diann Clements
Can't believe this little vaccum can handle the dog hair! IT DOES!

This is possibly the BEST money I have ever spent in my entire life! I have 2 German Shepherds. The saying with Shepherds is, "They only shed twice a year but both times lasts 6 months"! Truer words were never spoken! Keeping ahead of the hair is a nearly impossible task. I use to swiffer 2-3 times a day and vacuum every other day. Plus run around with a wisk broom and dust pan for the hair that escaped the swiffer and vacuum. With the Robovac I pick the dog's beds up beofre I go to work (the dogs go with me daily) and once I'm at work I start the Robovac from the app on my phone. I come home to no hair! It covers my entire living room floor; in thr corners, along the baseboards, under the front of the couch and chairs, under tables etc. It literally gets everywhere. I empty the dust bin when I come home in the evening and its ready to go the day. I have not used the dust mop pads with it yet. I'll update my review when I do. I'm considering taking down the baby gate that seperates the living room from the rest of the house so it can get those areas also. This vacuum will also vacuum the thick mat I have the dogs water bowl sitting on. When I comes to the steps down into another part of the house it turns itself around to avoid falling off the step. Of course I do still have to vacuum the rest of the way under the couch and chairs. Due to their height, the Robovac can't get all the way under them, but it has definitely cut my floor sweeping in more than half. I use to think there was no way a little vaccum like that to handle the hair. I came across the Robovac on one of 's daily deals and thought "A that price why not give it a try". I'm so glad I did! I don't know how I ever did without it now. I highly recommend this product.

Chaos Coordinator Mama
I can’t imagine our home without it!

Hands down, this vacuum has been a life saver. Our house is 4 floors and 3000sq feet- all hardwood and many area rugs, which means I spend way too much time vacuuming...With a large family and 4 kids, I had to vacuum my kitchen after every meal. Crumbs and dirt would stick to the bottom of my feet( which I can’t stand!) and even though I’d clean the floors with our Shark vacuum- it still didn’t get everything!? I would spend another hour each night doing our area rugs and high traffic areas...Since purchasing the Roborock vacuum a month ago, I literally go on my phone and tell the vacuum to clean... that’s it!!! I run it 2-3x a day on our main floor and rotate use around the other floors whenever it’s needed. It goes under furniture. It easily gets under our table, and cabinets and it’s little sweeping arm gets the smallest crumbs. It can climb over thresholds to get in another room, and it even powers up to a higher suction when it is cleaning the area rugs! Best of all I’ve told my kids if they don’t clean up their toys, the robot vacuum will suck them up forever... which means they are cleaning their toys up too! Over all- Win win!I don’t know why I waited so long... I can’t imagine our crazy life without the Roborock Vacuum!

My animals are skeptical... but I love it.

I’m so happy with this vacuum! It’s really effective. I bought this because I have a German Shepherd mix and a fluffy cat, so our floors are often covered in cat and dog hair. I can’t vacuum every day, but the floors need to be cleaned every day. The vacuum gets our whole home in a little over an hour. It cleans in a linear fashion and leaves pleasing lines on our carpet. I have to dump the dustbin after every clean, which is satisfying when you see how much animal hair it cleans up.It’s not as fancy as my friend’s S5 Max but it gets the job done very well and the price is a really good bargain.I have it auto-timed to clean the house at 9 am every day and so far, it’s done great.It cleans so well I almost don’t need to vacuum with my regular handheld vacuum but I do so once a week anyways.My only complaint is that it was challenging to get the app to communicate with the vacuum until I installed the new firmware update. Now it’s fine.

Great vacuum!

I bought 2 of the E4 robots to replace an "uncoordinated" Deebot, which drove me insane, as there was no cleaning pattern.Got one of the E4s upstairs, which is mainly carpet and one downstairs, which is mainly tile and hardwood. They are both doing an excellent job. Cleaning on the carpet and the tile/ hardwood is fantastic! They run 5 days a week and always find their way back to the charging station, so they are ready to go again the next day. Dustbin has a nice capacity and only needs to be emptied once a week. Runtime of the vacuums is great too and they manage to do the entire floor each time they run (about 1500 sqf per floor/ vacuum).Haven't tried out the mopping function so far.Overall great product for the price and after 4 months of having them, I am very happy with the performance!