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Wireless Smart Thermostat - Pearl White

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  • A SMART THERMOSTAT IN EVERY ROOM: Tired of hot and cold spots? The Flair Puck, along with the Flair Smart Vent, eliminates uneven room temperatures across your home.
  • CONTROL YOUR FLAIR SMART VENTS: The Flair Puck wireless thermostat gives you independent temperature control in each room of your home. That's home comfort made simple.
  • YOUR TEMPERATURE, YOUR WAY: Use the mobile or web app to set the perfect temperature in any room. Like to plan ahead? Set individual room schedules at any time of day.
  • NO SMARTPHONE? NO PROBLEM: Set a temperature by simply rotating the Puck. With an e-paper screen, it's the perfect solution for AirBnBs, rentals, and guest rooms.
  • Compatible with Alexa, works with ecobee, Honeywell smart thermostats, and Google Assistant.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Great product and easy to install!! I strongly suggest to everyone has rooms with different temperatures.

Great product!

The Puck is designed for exactly what I want. it’s incredible. Basically, our kid’s playroom used to be the garage. Since it used to be the garage, it wasn’t part of my home’s forced air. I asked a contractor how much it would cost to get the ducting into the garage/playroom. HAHA! Yeah, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.We ended up installing a mini split. I love how the Puck has a mode to connect my mini split to my home’s forced air system. This integration is awesome! Makes my life so much easier.

Works as Expected

The installation of this product was simple and after a few weeks of tinkering with the settings have found what works for my home. The key for me was making sure the Smart Sense setting was on, that way the smart thermostat can have full control to adjust the temperature to hold at the temperature I want. Connectivity has not been a problem and the app is effective and easy to use.

Great addition to my home

It's super easy to set up and use. It works great with ecobee and it has fixed some of the heat imbalance in my home. The tech support is super helpful, I wish the puck had a better design. It looks a little cheaply made and the interface it's so early 2010.

Great product, exactly what was needed!

When my mother in law moved in to an unused room, we were concerned that she would freeze at night when the AC kicked in. Installing this with the matching smart vent was perfect for controlling the temperature in that room.