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Echo Studio - Black

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  • Immersive sound 5 speakers produce powerful bass, dynamic midrange, and crisp highs. Dolby Atmos technology adds space, clarity, and depth.
  • Ready to help - Ask Alexa to play music, read the news, and answer questions.
  • Adapts to any room - Automatically senses the acoustics of your space, fine-tuning playback for optimal sound.
  • Built-in smart home hub - Ask Alexa to control Zigbee-compatible devices.
  • Keep your family in sync - Use your Alexa devices like an intercom and talk to any room in the house with Drop In and Announcements.
  • Designed to protect your privacy - Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the mics.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert M.
Fantastic sounding speaker that'll have me selling my Sonos & Apple Homepod.

I'll get the conclusion out the way: The speaker sounds surprisingly greatFor context, I own 2 Sonos One speakers and an Apple Homepod. I've always been lukewarm on the Sonos as their sound, while fairly good, doesn't match their price in my opinion. The Homepod, too, has always felt overpriced if not a decent sounding speaker.When the Echo Studio was announced, I figured I'd give it a shot given I could always send it back with 's excellent return policy if it didn't live up to snuff. $200 put it below the Homepod and right around the Sonos One pricepoint so my expectations were set around there.Setup was simple as the device came pre-linked with my account. It goes through an initial room test where it plays some tones to measure the size and placement within the room (something it does continually should you move it around anyway). After that, all that was left was to listen to some music.I started with some Sinatra to get a feel for the vocals, and was immediately impressed with the tone & clarity. You could easily pick up on the subtle percussion on the background and the band hits packed a punch when they came in behind him. Next I tried some classical to get a feel for the range and, again, came away impressed. You could feel the lows of the brass section just as well as the high strings. The material was all represented well.Ok, so how about something that thumps. I asked Alexa to play some Chemical Brothers and this is where I got really impressed. Too many speakers, in my opinion, emphasize the volume of bass over accuracy. You end up with a boomy sound that doesn't reflect the music properly. Not the Echo Studio. The bass was punchy, loud and accurate. I tried some Daft Punk and Deadmau5 and came away equally impressed with the tight bass and crisp highs.Next I tried some Metallica. I feel if there's a critique I'd have with the Echo Studio it'd be here. The mid guitars lack a little feel and all start to sound a bit muddied together. You get the bass, you get the highs, but the guitars lack a little range. This isn't at all uncommon on speakers like this (the Sonos are quite bad in this regard in my opinion), but it could definitely be better).I tried a handful of the 3D audio selections on Music. In short, you do get a wider soundstage which is interesting, but you lose something in the clarity of the music. It feels a little gimmicky maybe, but not necessarily in a bad way. Just an "I don't know if this is actually an improvement or not" kind of way.In short, I'm very, very impressed with the Echo Studio. It's priced right at $200, has tighter and more accurate bass than the Homepod and a much fuller range than the Sonos One. If you're looking for a good speaker for music (with the bonus of having Alexa built in), I can't recommend this one enough.I came in skeptical. I came away impressed.

Worth It, Worth It and Worth It!

I am an echo nut (after the ability to group and the addition of Sirius XM) so I have a good selection of types and generations. This Studio is something. For the money I can't imagine finding something that sounds as rich and fills a room (or two or three) with such a tidal wave of music. Paired it with the sub and will get in line for another to create a stereo pair. Stopped in the store on 34th Street and they had just one playing - you could not tell where the music was coming from, it was just everywhere.

Charles E. Wegrzyn
What's not to like?

I don't have a clue why anyone would say it doesn't play music nor work. This thing plugged into my wireless network as easily as all the other Alexa devices.Music playback is better - much better - than the other Echo devices (because of the speakers). It does very well with HD music giving me a sense of directionality! It is integrated with my HiFi system and TV all without a lot of extra effort.Definitely worth it....

The Speaker That will change Evening ��

I wanted this speaker as soon as it was released.I mentioned to a close friend how excited I was about this this addition to the echo family.He surprised me and bought it for my birthday!!I added it to my smart tv with the fire stick.wow!!!I only have the one studio speaker and the sound is great.I have read reviews that say to get excellent theater sound you should have 2 studio speakers/sub woofer yet with my high ceiling and open space 1 speaker is more than great. If I added more speakers my neighbors would kill me ��My home is complete,2 echoes,3 echo dots and the echo studio speaker(grouping is key when you have this many echoes).I might get another echo dot(3rd gen).Thank for the Echo Studio Speaker and my friend ���������

Better than HomePod and Sonos One

UPDATEI’ve had the 2.1 setup connected to a 4K Stick for 5 months, which has been used as a sound bar/stereo in our master bedroom. From a music perspective, it sounds it’s pretty good! The sound stage is full and produces decent bass. I wish it got a little louder. I find the bass response better for music than movies (I LOVE heavy bass in action scenes). If you like heavy bass for action movies, you may be a little disappointed. .I have, but no longer experience the connectivity issues others have written about. Mine were limited to music playback, however the issue subsided a few months ago.I’ll address three improvement areas:1) When connected with the sub, all the lows go through the sub and the woofers on the studios are rendered useless, unless the volume is high. The trade-off is clearer sound than when the studios are paired alone. Personally, I look at it as a design flaw. All three units should produce lows (or at least have the settings in the EQ to do so) for a better, more immersive bass experience. What good is a 5.25’ Studio driver if it won’t be used when paired?? �2) As other reviewers have mentioned, there is a lip syncing issue when used as a home theater. Depending on the source the fire stick is decoding, there can be a noticeable sound lag. I have not discovered a way to address this issue.3) The Studios have the ability to play lossless tracks (24bit). However, paired with a Fire device (Cube, 4K stick... doesn’t matter) the output drops to 16bit, because the sound is decoded in the Fire device and played through the Studio. This simply means that fidelity/musical clarity is lost . The limitation lies within the Fire device, not the Studio. However, it’s worth mentioning because when connected to a Fire device, the Studios will be limited to the capability of the decoding device. If they’re used as a stand-alone stereo for music only, you can use the Studios to their full ability.BOTTOM LINEI like the setup. I already owned the Eco Sub so its cost had no bearing on my buying decision. The Studios were an add-on for me. In fairness, I came out off of pocket $240 for both Studios combined. With that said, FOR ME I find great value and functionality.The question is, if I was to start over and pay full retail ($400 for two Studios + $130 for the sub) for a wireless stereo/sound bar system, what would I think? Could I find a better wireless Atmos Sound bar + woofer with no lip syncing issues for the money? YEP! Could I find a better wireless Smart stereo for the money? I’m not so sure! Could I find one that does both pretty well? I doubt it! Could I split the money between two decent systems, one for music and one for theater? Not why would I go do that??? I’d get one that could do multiple things.FOR THE MONEY it’s good buy. It’s not a Sonos Playbar + Sub (which is 2x the cost) nor a B&W sound bar & Sub (which is 4x the cost). It’s good for the money.If you can look past the intermittent lip sync issue, go for it. If that's a deal breaker, spend more and get a sound bar that also produces good music.————————————————————The speakers sounds great! No complaints; simple setup, quick calibration and I was off to the races.From a price point, it's comparable to the Sonos One. From a sound quality, it far exceeds. Sonos One is probably slightly clearer, but that's where the comparisons stop. Echo Studio has a wider/fuller sound stage, more bass, gets louder. The closest comparison is probably the HomePod or Play 3. IMO, this sounds better than both.I already own an Echo Sub and ordered an additional Studio for pairing. I have yet to connect to FireTV 4k to test the home theater setting.In summary, this produces very good sound, the price is reasonable and it's the best smart speaker on the market... in my humble opinion...