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9" Smart Frame with Motion Sensor - BrulyWood | Digital Memory Showcase

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Step into the future of interactive home decor with our Smart Frames featuring Motion Sensors. These cutting-edge frames are not just displays; they're a canvas for your digital memories that come to life as you approach. With a built-in motion sensor, your photos and videos activate upon detection, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience. Elevate your space with technology that adds a touch of magic to your cherished moments.
  • WiFi digital picture frame: Connect the digital picture frame to WiFi, download the BSIMB PHOTO app on your smartphone, and set up an account to bind the frame. Then you can share your photos to the frame via App/Facebook/Twitter/Email/PC manager anytime and anywhere.
  • Amazing photo and video viewing experience: With the 4:3 aspect ratio on a 1067x800 pixels screen, photos and videos look crisp, bright, and clear. You can make adjustments to the 9 inch IPS LCD screen for brightness, hue, and contrast depending on ambient lighting.
  • Privacy & Satisfied Warranty: The free App using Secure Device Grid for safe, it DON'T store or have any access to the photos. Photos are only saved locally on the photo frame. WARRANTY: Lifetime support, 12 months replacement warranty.
  • Motion sensor: The motion sensor turns the digital picture frame on/off (in front of the digital photo frame in 2M Distance); The digital photo frame will automatically turn on and start playing photos, videos or music instantly.
  • Multiple functions: Digital photo frame features multi-functions including weather forecasts, alarm, clock, calendar, image slideshow, image zoom, rotate, built-in speaker, etc., making it more than just a frame.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Worth the Money

I was frustrated at first because I wasn’t able to connect to the WiFi with the remote. The user manual wasn’t of much help, but once I figured it out, it was pretty straightforward. I had to download the BSIMB photo app and activate the device. After activation, I just have to send the pictures to the photo frame, which was pretty easy and convenient. With flash drive and other memory devices, I would have to go to a computer transfer the photos and plug them into the photo frame, but I feel sending from phone is much more convenient to many of us. We don’t have to go through multiple steps, and if we want to remove some pictures, then go through those steps again. 16GB of internal space is enough for me. Now at least I can see my little one’s picture all the time.Display Quality: It’s pretty decent, from almost a meter away, the pictures didn’t appear to be pixelated, of course looking closely the display doesn’t appear super great, but from a reasonable distance inside my room, the pictures look great.Remote: After initial setup, I haven’t used it much so it’s not that useful. I would prefer the control from the app itself rather than using the remote, but it is what it is. Connecting to WiFi and initial setup is not available from the app itself, but that’s not a deal breaker. I like the frame and recommend it.

Quality unit that is nice looking, and easy to use.

We bought this to replace an older frame that died. We don't use the WiFi connections at all but this frame is a very nice unit.Set up was easy and the instructions were clear. We use pics on an SD card and the look great on this screen and let it go through a slide show.We liked the options for the slide show allowing up to 5 minutes for each picture to be displayed.This manufacturer seems to care about quality in both programming and the actual unit build quality.

Perfect gift for grandparents!

We bought this for the grandparents for Christmas and it was a hit! I preloaded it with a USB card with over 100 photos and about 20 songs. They plugged it in and the slideshow and music began and my mother-in-law started crying- she loved it so much. The wood, though plastic looks real enough and definitely makes the frame look nicer than the plain black frame ones. It has tons of photo options for how long they show before transitioning, motion detection, music, etc. We put a mini USB in because a longer USB stick doesn’t fit in the cut out space. I prefer the mini ones anyways. The screen display looks crisp and clear. Sometimes it does go slow but I’ve only noticed that the transition is slow when music is also going. Overall, great purchase at a reasonable price. I want one for myself now!

Sadie Adams
Good quality, clear sound, easy to upload

Overall, I love this frame. I got it to display photos and videos of my late dog, Kaya. I really enjoy the fact that it can play videos and there isn’t a limit to the video length. I feel like videos capture her personality better than photos, and she had a very distinct bark that this frame helps bring back into our home. The sound is loud and clear, and the quality is excellent. It does auto rotate the images, which is nice, but you can also turn off. The frame comes with a remote and it’s quite user friendly. It’s not difficult to upload photos or videos, and they give you a multitude of ways to add photos to your frame. Per the description, you can also use an external drive to store more images, although I’ve not tried this yet.The ONLY thing I really wish I could change about this frame is that it doesn’t play photos and videos together. You can shuffle all of your photos, or you can shuffle all of your videos, but you can’t play them all together in a mix. In some ways, this is maybe a good thing because my other dogs always go bonkers when I play a video of Kaya on there, and I’m now working from home, so it does help in that regard, but I do really wish it at least gave the option to shuffle photos and videos together. I’m not removing any stars from the rating, though, because I haven’t found another frame that can play photos and videos mixed together, so that seems to be either a limitation of the software or the unfortunate standard for digital frames.

Very useful photo frame || Best gift as Digital picture frame

This is my first digital photo frame I have ever bought and I have given to my parents as anniversary gift. I helped them to setup. Very easy to connect this touch screen photo frame with WiFi and BSIMB app on phone.My parents using it every day by taking memorable photo and watch it anytime without phone to flip photos. Save a lot of time and we enjoy latest picture on frame every day.Picture quality is awesome, the features for the price is nice like built in memory with option to add more, touchscreen. This frame has the calendar, the time/alarm clock, the weather display, and music player to play music and motion sensor as well.We can play the video as well to use the video folder and play the slide of videos by itself.My parents are super happy to have it.