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Fitness Tracker - Black

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  • HEALTH & FITNESS TRACKING: Heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS allow you to accurately track in real-time your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep. Special sport modes (running, treadmill, cycling swimming, and walking).
  • Long lasting Battery & Material: More capacity, longer endurance. Full charge requires only about 2 hours and the standby time can be up to 12-15 days, can be used for 4-5 days. The Watch Strap is made of Sturdy and Soft Nano TPU.
  • App Supported: The smartwatch is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (Effective distance 10 meters) Android 5.1 and iOS 8.0 iPhone above. Please search JYouPro from the APP store or play Store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Watch

This watch has exceeded my expectations. The delivery was very quick. It was just as advertised.

Phenomenal Battery Life

The battery life is phenomenal! I received my watch on the 22nd and charged it over night. It's been a week now and I still do not need to charge it. There is a battery indicator on the watch to monitor battery life and it looks like I can last a few more days; maybe a full 10 days without recharging. I turn it on often to check my vitals. I've compared my heart rate and my spO2 readings with my oximeter and they are about the same. I like that I can check my blood pressure without using a cuff. The readings are more inline with what I'm trying to be at so it's very encouraging to see the results often thought the day, especially when you've got to check them often. The watch band is made of durable stuff, not sure what it is but it stays put. Although you can wear it in the water, I prefer to take it off when I shower but I leave it in when I do dishes. So far so good, no issues when it gets wet.

Ford Barclay
The Best in History

Yes, I'm overdue, the color is good, it's very convenient to answer the phone, especially Bluetooth, with the mobile phone, the earphone is out-put by default without wearing it, the earphone is out-put by default with audio, and it's in line with my needs. All the detections are turned on and charged once for three days, and the service can be extended. All the functions are in App. It's also very good to adjust the screen, just a little bigger, the rest are very satisfied, concerned friends can place orders.

Lori Strand
great little fitness tracker

For the price I am surprised how great this fitness tracker really works. I do not want to pay out for brand name but was curious how active I really am and how I sleep. This little, nice on the little and not bulky, tracker really boosts my moral. It tells me I am much more active than I thought. I have a pedometer on my phone and it records only half of what this tracker records. This is really cool! It is so nice to know how I am sleeping also, some nights not as much as I thought, some nights much more than I thought, great to know. It is great to see what my heart rate is, that really helps. It links very easily to my phone so I can see what I have done. Very easy to use and comfortable to wear.

It's a good buy...

This watch is able to display your heartbeat, the distance you've walked and/or ran with it on. I found that it is most accurate when the face is facing down on my wrist, though it can still work with the face-up. The information about your workout doesn't last very long on the watch so I would highly recommend that you download the app in order to keep track of your workouts that way. Other than that the watch is exactly as advertised and will be good for me personally when doing gym workouts.