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Echo (4th Gen) - Glacier White

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  • New look, new sound - Echo delivers clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep bass for a rich, detailed sound that automatically adapts to any room.
  • Ready to help - Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, play the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.
  • Smart home made simple - With the built-in hub, easily set up compatible Zigbee devices or Ring Smart Lighting products (coming soon) to voice control lights, locks, and sensors.
  • Fill your home with sound - With multi-room music, play synchronized music across Echo devices in different rooms. Or pair your Echo with compatible Fire TV devices to feel scenes come to life with home theater audio.
  • Connect with others - Call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly drop in on other rooms or announce to the whole house that dinner's ready.
  • Designed to protect your privacy - Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
B. Schuck
Pay Attention If Size Matters!

My husband loves the Echo products so when this came out he was excited to have a new “toy”. We have several echo devices already in our home so this wasn’t necessary but he wanted it. At the $69 sale price point it’s a good value.If you are limited on space or enjoy the convenience of the smaller dot profile you may want to consider the last version of this dot. I didn’t notice the size specifications for this one so I was shocked when it came and resembles a small bowling ball. My husband normally keeps his dot for the man cave in a drawer and had hoped this one would fit in there as well. Oops!Set up was easy and quick with no issues on the devices end. Sound quality is good and most importantly he is very pleased with it. Given that we have several other echo devices I don’t notice a big change in sound quality. He’s happy so it’s worth the purchase. We will play with the hub experience in the next couple of weeks.

BamCo TV
Highly Recommended Echo Device

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought the (product)red to support the mission. As far as the Echo products goes, I am always impressed by its quality and reliability. Great improvement with the sound! I love the deep bass and it's the loudest Echo device to date!!!The only down vote I have is the power adapter. It's white and tends to attract a lot of dirt. I wished it was the standard black. Other than that you would definitely enjoy using this Echo.

It sounds like I have a full speaker system when I have this playing music!

I saw many people were complaining about audio quality and while the Alexa voice assistant doesn't sound the best, when I turn music on, this unit really shines compared to the old dots and I'm thrilled about that because that's one of the main reasons I purchased this over another model. The setup process was simple, plug in the unit, go into the Alexa app, and you'll see it listed in your new device list. Click on the name and choose your wireless network and you are done. Can't really ask for a better setup and user experience when you have a device that is mostly only usable through voice commands. I'm thrilled I got this and would recommend it if you want to use Alexa to play music but don't want a speaker system taking up extra space. This is about the size of a large snow globe and easily fits on a small end table, so finding a place for this shouldn't be too hard.

Frank B.
New Gen 4 is awesome!!

Before I purchased the new Echo 4th Gen I did a ton or research. I have six echos in my house. included in these isn are a Echo 1t Gen and the Echo 2nd Gen, which were the two I was considering upgrading. After reading all the reviews, I was concerned about three things that were usually noted in negative reviews. 1. White power cord. 2. Voice response. 3. Sound quality with respect to comparing with the previous echos. Now that I've had them, (I bought two), for a few days, I am prepared to respond to those comments.1. White power Cord - Who cares? It works and isn't an eye sore. If it bothers you maybe you can take a Sharpie and color it black.2. Voice response - A few reviews stated that the new Echo didn't respond as quickly and lacked a tad when music was playing. I found this not be be true. It responds as quickly as the previous echos, even with music playing.3. Sound quality - These new echos promise better sound. I found this to be true. It definitely has better sound than the previous echos. They are loud and the bass is quality. I am very happy with the sound as this is the only way I listen to music in my house.So, overall, I am glad I bought two new echos. They are awesome and the most important thing to me is the quality sound. I am very satisfied and recommend anyone that is thinking of buying one, or upgrading an older echo, please do so. You'll be very happy.

Gustave N.

I've seen a few reviews that state how they don't like that the new alexas are directional sound. I grew up on stereo, and you always had omni sound. It filled the house. But if you're in the right place with stereo, it sounds really great. I like these speakers so much I just bought another one, even though I couldn't get a discount on my second one (trade in). I bought the second so I could pair them and get stereo sound; something I haven't had since I've been listening to music on the echos. I'm actually a little bit excited, anticipating having stereo for my smart speakers. Yes, I know, they've had it a while, but I'm cheap and I never could justify buying two of these. I still can't, but it sounds so good, I can't resist. I love it in mono. Can't wait to hear it in stereo. Maybe even Moving in Stereo.